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Keys in promoting employer brand

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Jan 02, 2024

Diversity, inclusion, and values: Keys in promoting employer brand

Employer brand indicates how a company is perceived by employees, clients and stakeholders. It is the capacity of an organization to differentiate itself from its competitors. Simply put, why would people want to work with you.

Domino effect
In the era of social media where most decisions are made after a hunt on search engines, your employees are your brand ambassadors. If the experience at workplace is fulfilling for the employees, the positive feedback will only add towards building a stronger and a more reliable brand image.

What you do and how well you do or what you have to offer in the long run are no longer the only important questions. Now employees, clients and stakeholders want to know what your core values are and are diversity, inclusivity, equity, and equality part of your organizational strategies.

Tangible & intangible dividend

According to a study, 76% of job seekers name diversity and inclusion as important factors when evaluating an employer.

Companies with workplace diversity employ individuals with a variety of different characteristics, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and religion, among others. Research has shown that a diverse workplace enhances innovation, employee engagement, and problem-solving ability and improved hiring results.

From the brand perspective, better employee satisfaction leads to better reviews; more people will be interested in recommending your brand to their relatives and friends. It will organically generate positive conversation around your brand. Besides, many consumers prefer to support businesses that make a social impact and contribute to the society.

It must also be noted that your values should also be reflected in your designs, logos and employee and client policies. While strategies and policies go into improving experience with the brand, appropriate images and designs will carry your message visually to your consumers and potential partners and employees.

Let me illustrate this with an example. Procter & Gamble (P&G) is known for its ownership of a variety of cleaning and toiletry companies. Not only do some of their advertisements include people from diverse backgrounds, but they also use their platform to tell stories that spread powerful messages about inclusion, equality, diversity and identity.

At the same time they have put up empirical data related to their core values and diversity in their workplace on their website, showing that they are interested in implementation and not just in mere posturing.

Now you may argue that P&G is a big established brand. But if you are starting out why not look around and learn from those who have already made it.
Otherwise if you turn to a public relation (PR) agency for help, ensure that your core values are reflected in the images and messaging it is using to build your brand image.

At MensenTock Communications, our team has expertise in brand positioning that appears, stays and sustains in the minds of both our clients and their stakeholders.

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