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Headquartered in New Delhi, our footprints cover India, with regional teams located in Mumbai, Bengaluru, South East Asia and UAE. Each MensenTock client is managed by a team of seasoned professionals offering a suite of services aimed at elevating Brand Confidence and online and offline reputation. Clients have benefitted from our ROI driven services in conversion, revenue and achieving their strategic business objectives.

We service a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients providing 360˚ marketing and communication solutions to brands.

We are a multi-function consultancy with skills, capacities and capabilities across multiple sectors and industries. The company was set up by a group of agile, committed and enterprising professionals with more than 125 years of collective experience.

MensenTock is built on the foundation of depth of thought, belief in one’s capabilities and a profound understanding of market allowing clients to leverage the firm’s capabilities and skills in creating penetration, value and positive traction for brands.

With years of real-time experience in the grime and dust of a tough communications landscape, MensenTock discovered and created disruptive, innovative and value-based solutions to meet various objectives, issues and challenges that brands have in front of them.

We at MensenTock, treads the untried path, thinks out of the box, creates realistic and practical solutions and opportunities and helps envision a business and communications roadmap that helps craft a definitive and sustainable growth path for brands associated with us.

Fueled by a breadth and depth of expertise we build enduring brands.

Our Expertise

'Ordre du Chaos'- Order out of Chaos!

Piercing through the Industry clutter!

We believe in action through excellence,
integrity and reliability and cannot hold
ourselves back in adding substantial
value to your brand’s vision! Your
growth is our goal.

Our Values


Integrity brings acquisition. We instil confidence in a brand by helping them build strong emotional connections with their costumers and letting them know, that we will be there if something goes wrong


Conviction, commitment and consistency brings value and volume that is growth. We constantly challenge our strengths and ensure our deliverables are accomplished with tenacity. There is always a substance conversation to achieve a meaningful difference in everything we do


Focus builds loyalty. We help brands understand exactly what their customer expects from them through our data driven tools and help them focus on developing consistent customer experience to earn loyalty for their product and service


Empathy earns trust. In the era of automation, we drive systems, processes and teams by being on their side of the table. We foster an environment of inclusivity and belongingness that opens new possibilities and creative ideas

We live our values and brands trust us for who we are!

Explore the strength of our services

We decode complex media paradigms and offer all-around focused press relations services which improve brand visibility. In our pursuit of being truly 360˚, our marketing communications team offers innovative ideas and industry best-practices in branding, market entry (launch and activation) and strategic campaigns

We use the science of persuasion to help clients’ express their stories, that inspire confidence

We believe that a complementary social presence is important to help your brand create a reassuring surround sound. Our proven digital assets and intelligent perception-building solutions help our clients in improving their online presence and Brand Confidence

We love anticipating issues and stakeholder perceptions that may negatively impact the confidence of your brand. Our proprietary crisis mitigation framework adopts a holistic approach in pre-empting, detecting and addressing crisis and their related impact on Brand Confidence

We assist businesses and brands in identifying and collaborating with high-impact influencers and execute focused co-created content strategy

We are excited to offer you what 700+ brands
across 20+ countries have experienced

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