Who do we consult?

A one word answer to this would be- businesses! From individuals to retailers to start ups, small medium businesses and the bigger corporates, we consult anyone looking for an insight into media and brand communications!

Why do you need to be consulted?

While you do what you do best, we understand the media space. We have the experience, expertise and the network within the media to help get your brand the visibility and reach you need. Come, learn, earn and reap the benefits.

How long would I need to be consulted?

When it is about media, connections matter & that’s what we have built over the years. We know who to target, how & when, so you as a brand benefit! Come, let’s get you a bit more than your share of visibility.

Will I be talking to a senior professional?

Our consultants are in the media industry for a decade, that’s the bare minimum before they get into a consulting mode! They have the networks, the experience and have worked with multiple brands in a number of industries.

Don’t worry! you get way more value than what you pay for?

This is a bespoke solution and not a ‘one size fits all’ service. We work with you to understand your needs and then advise you on the consulting fee and the payment structure. Don’t worry, you get more than the value you pay for!

Will you execute what you consult me on?

The consulting sessions are for information, strategizing and helping you plan the goals- be it short or medium term. If you need help with executing ideas, our execution team would be glad to be of any help. That is beyond consulting!

Want to reach

the right audience?

Let’s make something beautiful together.

  • Your time- Your needs!

    We consult you at your convenient time, as long as the sun is still up! Tell us when you need us, and we will schedule our time for you.

  • You learn at your pace

    We understand brand communications may not be your forte. We guide you at your pace, in line with your goals and your comfort.

  • The ROI is worth way more!

    The information and insights into media we share with you enable you to communicate and position your brand to the audience you seek.

Our Consulting

Your benefits!

Spending time with us will ensure you understand media from the inside. We help you gain greater insights to help you plan and execute your brand communication and marketing strategy in a way that will benefit you in the short and the long run. After all, we have executed communication solutions for over 300+ brands over 15+ years.