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As a business leader, you would need to prioritize your visible strategy to ensure the right Media relations that ensure your visibility across the platforms you seek to be seen on. There are some crucial elements that will ensure your Media Relations strategy is worthy and working. Let us have a quick look at these elements.

Your Story needs to be heard – and again

Ensure all brand communications portray your story, in whole or a part of it, but yes, have the story in there. This story needs to resonate well with your target audience and most importantly the media that carries it on their platform! An engaging or interesting story would force the media to carry it and do so lovingly giving it all the attention and importance in places that have high visibility on their platform! The chosen words need to ensure they are an interesting read and add curiosity to a reader. The ‘Why you do it’ comes off as more important than ‘What you do’ many a times. Yes, it is important to be seen as adding value rather than just being another business out there.You may want to consider these points as important parts of the story.

  • What value do you add to your audience?
  • What brings you here? Is there a gap or you bringing in a transformational change to how things are done?
  • What brings you here? Talk about your journey.
  • What is the story about? Is it more than just the service you are offering?

  • Nurture Relationship with Journalists

    There are different ways you can develop relations with journalists, especially those in your trade. This is vital for your continued visibility and more importantly the timely presence of your stories when the audience is thinking about your services! There are multiple ways you can nurture relationships!
  • Engage with trade journalists on social media. Be regular in your email communications.
  • Use a trusted Press Release distribution partner to maximise your reach.
  • Help journalists add value to their content.

  • Research your audience and approach

    It is important to understand where your audience is, so you can target the journalists and platforms accordingly. Once you have your story ready, spend enough time to research who would you like to reach to and using which journalists you can achieve your desired goals. You can also use social media forums like Quora, Facebook groups and LinkedIn to release important brand communication messaging! You can also study competition and see what they achieved and how!

    Be Responsive and be seen as an Expert

    It is important to closely observe your industry trends and forecasts and continue to communicate your views on them. It is also vital that you keep your interaction with the media open at all times. Encourage your peers, employees and clients to keep their lines of communication open alongside yours and use that information to interact with the media.

    Get more insights like these on and understand how the media can open up to you. Your Media relations strategy could be your revenue garner and add value to you at difficult times in your business.

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