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A public relations plan needs to be well thought of in terms of audience, the messaging and the achievable goals to ensure you are on track for the right brand communication messaging. Yes, careful planning and the right steps can ensure the right visibility and deliverables. Surprisingly, it is not so difficult to create a high performing Public Relations plan at all! Here are a few steps to get it right.

Define your objectives and audience

Where is your message going? Who would you be targeting as your audience? Where does your audience spend its time? Are your plans in sync with your end goal?

Underline your work stream

It is important to clearly define, manage and execute the plan and that every action is broken down into measurable steps. Identify your content, media outreach and platform goals.

Clarify Call to action

What action would you want your audience to take? Have you clearly defined the Call to Action for the campaign?

Time it right – that is critical to success

Don’t be in a hurry to launch your campaign. It is better to be on the right track than ride fast. Ensure you are not too early or too fast!

Baby steps are best advised

Take baby steps especially if you are new to the concept of PR and/or the campaign you are undertaking.

Budget it and track it

Budget each activity and ensure you measure your ROIs as you go along each step. Always keep an eye on the upper ceiling of your investment risk. Do not exceed budgets mid-way as this could topple your comprehensive approach!

Use Professional advice

Public Relations in terms of ROIs often about the right contacts, your influence on media and an awareness of what is going around on different platforms, be it print, digital or online! Using a PR consultant is best advised as a long-term strategy. Don’t be shy to be handheld through your campaigns. After all, you do what you do best, while the PR professional has his or her hold over the PR industry and its insides.

At Mensentock, we help you understand Public Relations from the inside out! Be it PR consulting or executing your plan to deliver the ROIs you seek, our team of experts works closely with you to first understand your products and services, your campaign goals, your mid-term and long term vision and then define a plan before we start the steps to executing your strategized plans. Learn more about us at and browse our services to understand how we can add value to your PR campaigns. After all, each communication that goes public is critical to the success of your start up. From seeking investors, to reaching your audience, whatever your goal, we help set your plan into real and measurable step by step actionable deliverables!

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MensenTock Communications is a Global Brand Communications Consulting and Advisory Firm assisting businesses to progress, promote and protect their brands and reputation. It is headquartered in New Delhi with operations and reach across India, South Asia, Dubai and UAE. The company provides 360 degree solutions across Brand Advisory, Corporate Communications and CSR. It works in unison with clients on services and products ranging from haircare to healthcare and salt to software, cutting across verticals.

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